About Us

A little bit about us.. The J is for Jason and the T is for Tony, that's how we got JTs Custom Woodworks.

In 2019, we both moved into new houses, and it just so worked out that our wives both wanted the same style of coffee table. After searching around and not being able to find any for an affordable price, we figured we would try to make our own. Thinking back, we really didn't have many tools, but we did our best. We did have to purchase several tools along the way, which ended up costing more than it would have been to buy coffee tables, we never told our wives that part. Below is a photo of how they turned out. Not bad, considering neither of us knew much about woodworking at that time. But our skills have really blossomed the last couple years.

We met at our workplace in the late 2000s and our friendship has grown since. We share a lot of common interests. Sports and woodworking being the two main ones. Here's an outstanding photo of us at a wedding several years ago, just so you can put a face with the name.